Hosted Voice

A hosted phone system takes the “box on the wall” that most businesses own and converts it into a service, this brings features once only available to big business to the SME. All or builds are custom to the users requirements based on Cisco or Polycom handsets.

SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking is a way of bringing together new breeds of internet access with a traditional telephone system to utilize the benefits of both. In simple terms calls are delivered to your on site phone system via “virtual” telephone lines over the internet, Its a great way to rationalize upgrading your internet connection. just 1mb of a 10mb connection can support 10 simultaneous calls.

Ethernet/Leased Lines

The next level of connectivity for businesses that need the best connection possible to the internet, this involves fiber optic cable being pulled right from the telephone exchange all the way to your premises.
As optical fiber Is not affected by interference in any way, the installed link (or bearer) is always capable of running at is maximum speed and the available bandwidth is software controlled.

Broadband / FTTC

Broadband, or ADSL as its technically known is the bottom rung of modern connectivity, It utilizes the copper cables between your premises and the local exchange and just operates at a higher frequency than the human ear can pick up.
The length and condition of this copper cable determines the maximum speed you can have, there have been many revisions of the technology and the current maximum is 24mb download and 2mb upload.